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More SELLER Leads in Less Time  GUARANTEED!

Secret #1

You Don’t Need To Send Flyers To A Massive Area To Make This System Work… A Smaller Area Will Actually Produce Far Better Results!

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Secret #2

The Goal Of Your Flyer Should Be To Get Your Prospect To Take One Small Baby Step Past The Recycle Bin To Their Computer, Not To Initially Try For The Phone Call… This Alone Will Cause A Dramatic Increase In Your Sales!

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Secret #3

Write Emotionally Engaging Value Proposition Headlines, Targeting The Three 
Highest Wants Of The Seller, Done Correctly You Can Get Up To 400% Higher Conversions!

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Target marketing a Neighbourhood with Flyers is the only way that you can
successfully capture the attention of close to 100% all homeowners.
Simply Follow This Secrets in This Comprehensive Training Guide!


A Flyer that mirrors a Website with one emotionally engaging offer and if that Website has only one opt-in, it will simply convert better

A website that looks and feels the way you want it to will simply be more fun to work and promote with. These were the two big goals we set out to achieve when we built our new Advanced Websites. Because over 90% of people use the Internet to look at real estate, it's just a lot more enjoyable to have your main branded website represent you the way you want to be represented. It must look good, it should promote you and your listings and it must appeal to your buyers and sellers.


Capture, Nurture and Convert More Leads

Turn more leads into clients when you use the Flyer Mail Secrets marketing knowledge and Mirror Mailer Websites combined with the synchronized power of the Advance Websites integrated CRM & email follow up system:

  • Email Lead Alerts
  • Built in CRM or Third Party
  • Automated email campaigns
  • Print & Web Brochures
  • Syncs with Advance Websites
  • Free With Webpage Bundle
  • Master Marketing Skills
  • Activity Tracking
  • Custom Webpages
  • Six Month Money Back

Happy Clients

What our clients say about us

  • I chose to buy the SellingToolz system because #1. I have heard a lot of trainers speak and when I spoke to James Osmar, I knew he understood all about lead generation, and #2. it is a very affordable system. My favorite part is the low-branded site (Gold Rush Leads). I literally capture 100 to 150 leads every month which are sent directly to me via email. 

    Mike Lupo
  • I wanted to tell you how awesome you were today at the CCR meeting. I think you blew them away! Great job! I see all the speakers they get and you were in the top 3 for sure. Really really good. I hope you get lots of new clients you deserve it

    Danielle Todorovic
  • The entire program is put together so that each segment complements the other. With all the different websites and the lead management flow together so well, it's a win win for me as an agent and the home buyer or seller. The way the program keeps your name out in front if the buyers and sellers is magic. The lead Management end of the system is so awesome and the way to contact the lead, keeps everyone comfortable.

    I have called James at different times of the day and even on weekends hoping he would get back to me within a day or two. He came back to me within minutes, I thought it was just luck...it wasn't he always gets back to me faster than any other company I have worked with.

    Mark Balaban
  • The SellingToolz lead generation system has proven to be easy to work with and very effective. I like the fact that James was able to synchronise my system with SellingToolz, so that every new lead goes straight to my CRM. I have worked with James for over two years and I have to say it was the best business production investment that I have made. I highly recommend this service.

    Tom Smok
  • James lives near me and I know him I have used it for 3 years. Very bright guy. You can take in other agents and then take a piece of their business. You track it. It has paid for itself and always made money. I have just taken an office in the building and am building a team ... one agent at a time. The system keeps evolving and it us really getting better all the time... ahead of the curve. Give him a call or email..... cheers Greg

    Gregory Galbraith
  • I had another lead generation website before and I was skeptical that he could generate leads for me in the region of interest… I was wrong… The quality of his leads is high.. and the system has been working very well so far. As well, James is very responsive and he knows what he is doing and he does it very well. He Always follows up on my questions…which I really appreciate! Thank you James!

    Anna Maccani
  • Holy magoaly 5 new leads in 1 & 1/2 days. they all seem really interested which is awesome. I just hope we can keep up with them.


    Thank you James

    Dawn Setter

    Dawn Setter
  •  I highly recommend James Osmar and the SellingToolz system but you need to have systems in place to follow up the many leads you will get. He manages the Gold Rush Internet Leads and manages our Google Pay Per Click leads which is an extra cost for whatever Google charges which for me is about $400 per month and we generate about 150 leads per month. 

    Thomas Bagogloo
  •   The entire system works awesome, I love it and like that we can easily integrate it with Top Producer for our mail programs.

    Goran Todorovic
  •  Sellingtoolz.com increased my internet lead sales productivity from <1% to almost 10% in one year.  This represented an increase in number of new sales, not simply a shift in the numbers.

    Tony Joe
  •  I am on the premium package, not sure what it is called but it works. James is one of the few internet guru's that understands how to market effectively on the internet. I am generally skeptical when it comes to subscribing to services that promise to provide results utilizing the internet. I was fortunate to connect with James, he has great ideas and will provide you with the support to ensure that you succeed.

    Joe Pecharich
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